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Refrigeration System Rack for the Biggest Vietnamese Supermarket in Houston!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Congratulate to us for finishing fabricating the biggest walk in coolers and walk in freezers that we ever built for the Biggest Vietnamese Super Market in Houston. We also installed 12,000 pounds customized large-sized COMBI FLEX Refrigeration System Rack. This Refrigeration System Rack was ordered and fabricated by the top Refrigeration Company in US. Thanks to them for using the all the highest technologies and materials in this system rack that will help clients to save much energy and maintenance fee than current system rack in the market.

Thank you for choosing TN COOLER to be a part of your project. We ensure to deliver the highest quality refrigeration system racks.

Please contact us via email: or text/call us: 832-387-9533 for a quote for your next project. Our engineering and service teams are happy to assist you!

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